Motor Clutch Sets

Motor clutch sets can be used for all those applications where it is necessary to activate and deactivate the motion of the engine as for the following applications: vertical pumps, centrifugal and self-priming pumps, mills, agricultural dryers, oil mills and mixers.

The motor clutch sets are equipped with:

  • Air or water cooled Diesel engine
  • TECHNODRIVE CLUTCH, model “BD”, it is directly coupled to the engine and flanged SAE
  • Pump for extracting oil placed on the engine
  • Electric start through battery
  • Battery box with protection carter
  • Control and protection panel, mod. CEM 350
  • Silent blocks between the engine and the frame
  • Adjustable feet
  • Chassis in painted steel profiles with feet or on trolley with King Tire 10.75 R 15 wheels on axle and drawing bar equipped with eye for towing.

The motor clutch sets can be completed with accessories, available in the following versions: OPEN, SILENT and SUPER SILENT.



  • CANOPY (OPEN): Bent plate canopy with removable protecting grids.
  • ENGINE CASING (SILENT): Partial sound-proof casing in bent plate with sound-absorbing foam internal coating to reduce the noise of the motor pump set.


  • Control panel, mod. Cem 256: equipped with sound alarm and gsm mobile control system.
  • Control panels, mod. CIM 131 and CIM 137: equipped with water pressure switch and gauge, sound alarm, with or without gsm mobile control system
  • Linear actuator: VAR 140 accelerator  with speed regulation.


  • Light system: rear lights and indicators for transporting by night
  • Work lights: swivel lamp
  • Industrial cardan shaft
  • DIN connecting hub with bolts 

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