Multifunctional Combined Units

The Multifunctional Combined Units (Combi-Power) has been studied and designed in order to work in different industrial sectors, i.e. agricolture, research and development, territorial safety and emergency. It can be built on fixed base or on wheeled framework, it can be installed directly on movable bases such as pivot systems or hose-reel irrigators. It’s flexible because it can be used to feed water pumping stations and plants for the production of energy or for conveying slurry. Combined device for multifunctional services (patent pending). 

The multifunctional combined units are equipped with:

  • Water cooled diesel engine
  • Direct coupling to the engine with SAE3 flange
  • Pump for oil extraction installed on the motor
  • Battery box with protecting carter
  • CEM 250 control panel
  • Silent Block between motor, multipower unit and the frame
  • Adjustable feet
  • Chassis in painted steel profiles with feet or on trolley with King Tyre 10.75 R 15 wheels on axle and drawing bar equipped with eye for towing

The multifunctional combined units (combi-power) can be completed with accessories, available in the following versions: OPEN, SILENT and SUPER SILENT.



The Multipower unit can be equipped with SAE3 bell, DIN 150 Flange, 1”3/4 splined shaft, 1”3/8  splined shaft and through elastic coupling it can work with various devices together or separate:

  • Centrifugal pump with horizontal axis for water feeding
  • Centrifugal pump with bare shaft for conveying slurry
  • Self priming pump for draining and pumping dirty waters
  • Synchronus generator at low voltage
  • Submersible pump with vertical axis
  • Radial and mixed-flow multi stage electric borehole pump


  • Open canopy of metal bent sheets with lateral removable grids  
  • Motor silent casing: partial sound-proof casing in bent plate with sound-absorbing foam internal coating to reduce the noise of the motor pump set 


  • PAM PUMP: Diaphgram PAM pump for filling the suction hose equipped with spiral hose and joints.
  • PLUTO PRIMING LEVER WITH SPIRAL HOSE: for fast filling the suction pump through Ventury system, using the pressure of the engine exaust gas.
  • ELCTRO PUMP WITH SPIRAL HOSE AND JOINTS: self-priming electro pump, mod. ECC12/20 with lateral channel for pouring off the liquids during the suction.


  • Metal frame with lifting arm for pipes: the articulated arm is suitable for transporting and lifting suction pipes and it is equipped of manual winch.
  • Electric winch: winch with electric engine at 12 Volt -0,7 Kw, traction max. 450 Kg, with push-button panel and steel cable.


  • Swivel gooseneck: it replaces the delivery flange, it has a wafer gate valve, delivery pipe for the irrigator with three hooks female ball joint without delivery for the irrigator.
  • Swivel gooseneck with coupling for irrigator: it replaces the delivery flange, it has a wafer gate valve, delivery pipe for the irrigator with three hooks female ball joint with delivery for the irrigator. 


  • Suction flange: DN flange with Ferrari male galvanized ball joint.
  • Suction unit: it is composed with 2 m long rubber hose, ball joints and clamps and 2 m long steel pipe with footvalve.


  • Light system: rear lights and indicators for transporting by night
  • Control panel, mod. CEM 256: equipped with sound alarm and gsm mobile control system.
  • Control panels, mod. CIM 131 and CIM 137: equipped with water pressure switch and gauge , sound alarm, with or without gsm mobile control system
  • Linear actuator: VAR 140 accelerator  with speed regulation
  • Work lights: swivel lamp
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