Generator Sets

They are built on steel bent bases with incorporated tank, the unit motor/generator is fixed through anti-vibration dampers, it is equipped with a collecting tub, oil extraction pump, oil heater, battery box, cables and water tight box for servorelé with terminals. The engine is joined to the flywheel with a bell through lamellar coupling. 

The generator sets are available with automatic panels, remote control, trolley for slow or fast towing. They are carried out very carefully and they are accessorized according to the client’s will. The SILENT set has a electrowelded sound-proof casing made of bent sheets in order to reduce sound emissions in the air and to protect the unit against weather effects, dust and possible damages. It is also equipped with eyebolts for lifting the unit and can be used in populated areas (sound-proof at 70dBA). The generator sets can work under continuous duty, for example in work sites or on emergency.

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