Metalworking products

Meccanica Cremonini has been specializing in custom design according to the client’s needs, in carrying out and installing metal and steel structures and industrial scaffolds. All metalworking products are manifactured carefully in order to ensure extreme safety and efficiency and Meccanica Cremonini can offer a wide range of metal sheets and profiles of steel and aluminum. Thanks to its competence and experience, Meccanica Cremonini has become reliable in its sector. Its areas of action range from metal working, to industrial buildings, roofs, connecting canopies, iron stairs and emergency stairs, to coatings and structures for curtain walls.

In order to offer different metalworking products, Meccanica Cremonini has the following machines which permit multiple processes:

  • 1 bender
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 angle cutter
  • 4 wire welding machines
  • 1 tig welding machine
  • 3 drills (one is radial) 
  • 1 metal plasma cutter
  • 1 press
  • 2 bandsaws machine (one automatic and one manual)
  • 1 slotting machine
  • 1 bending machine
  • 1 lathe machine
  • 1 milling
  • 4 cranes (two  Jib cranes, one double girder crane and one for truck crane).


The company has adopted a philosophy based on constant technical assistance and continuous improvement of product and service quality. In this way, it ensures long-life relationships with its clients and high competitiveness.

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