10 октябрь 2014

Combined device for multifunctional services

Meccanica Cremonini SNC has been working  in the sector of motor pump sets and generator sets for years and it is one of the first companies in Italian and European markets.  Thanks to innovation, flexibility and collaborative staff Meccanica Cremonini has carried out a new product for the emergency sector, they have designed a combined machine which can be used for protecting and safeguarding the territory,  integrating different functions in one single unit .

The machine is addressed to Fire Fighting Departments, regional and province Public Rescue and to Forest Rangers.

The machine is composed by an engine coupled with a generator and a self priming pump or other models of pump which can work together or separately. The devices are mounted on a wheeled base to be moved easily and there is a tower light for situations of  poor visibility.  It can work at different speed and the equipment changes according to the needs of the users.

 The pump can be used:

-During natural disasters  such as  fire and flood

-For suction of muddy waters

- for draining of flooded areas 

- For pump stations and for transfer of water

Generator and tower light ensure:

-The lightening of dark areas

- the availability of energy in emergency sites

- the energy necessary for powering cutting machines

- the use of electro pump in cellar and narrow rooms

The base frame is approved for towing on the road and is equipped with incorporated tank, hose supports, pipe rollers and tower light with lifting column .


 - The machine can be used in different sectors

 - using one engine it is possible to start two or more machines  reducing fuel  consumption and maintenance costs

 - high efficiency and low energy consumption

- Easy to use

- space-saving

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